About GenWed.com

I am Director of Brand Development and Marketing at http://www.GenWed.com, an online resource for FREE genealogy marriage records in the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK.  The purpose of this blog is to promote GenWed.com, genealogy research and resources in general as well as (hopefully) to provide insight and perspective into the world of genealogy research, both through my direct experience as well as lessons learned from others in the field.

GenWed.com is a leading genealogy research site, home to over 220K records and we’re adding new searchable databases as often as we can get them running. We also list a directory of over 30,000 links to marriage records as well as other useful resources to help you trace your routes.

Currently, the records owned by Genwed.com are free for you to access and use.  They are organized by state and then by county and searchable in multiple ways.  A wide range of resources are also available to you including professional searches and subscription services which come as a completely optional service to you from our sponsors-all designed to help you track down your ancestors and piece together your history.
GenWed.com has been named one of the top 50 genealogy websites for 2008 by ProGenealogists, Family History Research Group:
And featured in a podcast by The Genealogy Guys:



  1. Blog looks great – you need a blog name in the banner though – I’d like to add your blog to the list of other geneablogs over at Geneabloggers (http://www.geneabloggers.com)

    Thomas MacEntee

  2. We’ve mentioned you over at Geneabloggers in our This Week’s New Geneablogs post:

    For more information on Geneabloggers check out our Welcome Wagon:


    follow me at http://twitter.com/geneabloggers reply on the web at http://twitter.com/direct_messages/create/Geneabloggers

  3. Thanks for the add Thomas– so cool! Have a great rest of your weekend! 🙂

  4. I love your site. Keep it up !

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